Peace like in Your House, LORD!

Father, I am so grateful for day coming when world peace will one day flood throughout the earth, when Christ Jesus, our Lord, sits upon the throne of David, and the kingdom of this world, which is currently ruled by Satan, will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. I praise You for the promise of world peace for all who trust in the name of Your only begotten Son.

As I see the nations of the world struggling to bring in their own brand of world peace and struggle with the winds of war, through political manipulations and economic pressures,  please give me compassion for their lack of spiritual understanding. I pray Your Holy Spirit will convict the hearts of many men to realize no earthly king or elected president, party rule or man-made system can ever implement the peace the world so desires and needs.

I praise You, my LORD that in Your grace, You have purposed to bring in world peace at Your appointed time. Until then, keep me covered I pray, by Your unconditional love, and fill my heart new every morning with the peace surpassing all understanding, through Jesus Christ my LORD…today and every day…new each morning. For Jesus’ sake. Even so, as soon as you are ready, come back for us. Amen.