Don’t hold anything back!

When something unforeseen and unpleasant and permanent thrusts its ugly head into your life…like the death of someone you really love, what will be the “Oh, if Onlies...” in your memory.

None of us is promised another day here on earth…none of us. It became clear to me again when a young mother running an errand with her child was tragically killed in our town this week.

What if you decided to live your life as if this was to be your last day on earth? Someday you will be right.

Did you hug and kiss your husband/wife/kids today as you started your rounds? Did you have harsh words which can never be unheard or unsaid?

What if the memories you have this morning are the last you will ever have this side of heaven with someone you love?

Then the question is, what are you holding back…plans for a special trip, the ‘good’ china and crystal, that new outfit… If today is all you have, what might you do to make it a lasting memory?

Hug and kiss your mate as one of you leaves the house. Say, “I love you because________.” Make plans for the end of the day so you have something for which to look forward. Squelch all negative speech.

Yesterday really is history…like a river, the water will never pass this same spot again. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody…and it is a mystery. Today, right now, is all you have and it is the present…Perhaps you should see it as a gift you can give each other. End every encounter you have on a high note, because it might be your last chance.

God help us.