Teaching couples how to “Get it Right,” one family at a time.

Gifted by God’s grace with a wonderful marriage after having previously failed to “get it right,” the Iveys passionately pursue the coaching and education of couples who want to create or restore their marriages. They coach couples from nearly wed through divorce and remarriage. They focus on what helps couples stay strong rather than trying to sort out what’s gone wrong…“mend it, don’t end it,” is their mantra.

What we offer:


The first goal of 24k Gold Marriage is to impart the knowledge and skill sets required for you to create and maintain successful relationships that last.


the one-on-one process that creates a relationship between couples and coaches, with specific objectives and goals…


…the pinnacle of 24k Gold Marriage goals—the tacit assumption is that you will gain the requisite knowledge and practice new skills.

Marriage 3.0

A concentrated weekend of learning how to create a successful marriage and practicing new skills.

Couples learn to master the tools and attitude necessary to attract and sustain a deep, heartfelt love worth celebrating.

Church Consulting

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Marriage 3.0 participation for couples with troubled relations
  • Pre-marital seminars
  • Ministry Training Mentorship
  • Preaching series on marriage and relationships

University Relationship Education

…failure of universities to teach research-backed skills-based relationship education costs them significant reductions in alumni giving…


Dick and Barb Ivey bring energy, compassion and dedication to their gift of mentoring marriages. It doesn’t hurt that a healthy dose of humor and life’s experiences are mixed into the package that will benefit relationships in crisis and those who just want to strengthen against the rigors of life’s challenges.

Senior Level Sales and Marketing Executive

Dick and Barb are fantastic people. They helped my wife and I through some tough times. Their processes and teachings made a dramatic impact on my life. They are honest and pull very few punches. They tell you what needs to be said not what you want. They have become life friends. We love you guys!

Sr. UNIX/Linux Administrator at OmniSYS LLC.

Dick and Barbara created a safe environment for us to examine our marriage and provided us with tools to work with.

Hiring IT people to work w/ Wall Street, London & Japan’s Stock Exchanges & stock exchanges in 128 other countries

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