Oh, my God…it’s too late now

I bet you didn’t know just how much your actions today will impact the lives of your children, if you have them. Or your grandchildren, if you have them. Scripture reminds us there is a cascading effect on children, grandchildren and great grandchildren from your behaviors today. By the time most of you will realize […]

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Listen assertively…I mean it

With your busy life, misunderstandings are inevitable. You can prevent many conflicts in your relationship simply by slowing down, setting aside distractions, and offering your full attention to the person who is speaking. What gets in the way of doing this? Truer for men than women. Multitasking. How many of you are in the habit

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Mood Disorders…help is available!

When The Gorgeous Redhead and I first got together, we were the proverbial skunk and turtle respectively. She conducted her business at the top of her lungs and I withdrew into my shell. Neither of us understood the root cause of these behavior models was to be found in the oft misunderstood and shunned illness we know as depression.

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If You Love Me…Tell Me Why

Recently I was asked to post this NUGGET again. It was true before and still is today. In the English language, ‘love’ is a catch-all term for many different kinds of feelings. This is only partly why English speakers are so comfortable slinging it around. If love knows no boundaries, then surely there’s no language barrier

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Passion Week thoughts…

Father, God, thank You for sending Jesus among us to do what no one else ever did or could. Since Jesus was and is the Prince of Peace who is both with and within me, I can stay calm in the midst of stressful situations, by re-centering myself in You. Thank You for caring enough for

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