Keep me centered today!

LORD, my God, You know my deepest heart and how I want to live increasingly from my real Center, where Your Love has an eternal grip on me. You are the Christ in me, my true hope of Glory. Hold me close, for Jesus’ sake. Amen!! Verse for Today: “To them God has chosen to […]

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Heal brokenness, please…

O, God, recognizing my neediness is only half the battle. The other half is believing You can—and will—supply every need of mine. But, I pray for those close to my heart who carry the burdens of cancer, wayward children, and financial uncertainty. Please comfort those who hurt today, LORD. Bind up and heal and shed

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Lay it ALL down…

Good morning, my Father. Help me today to act on the best way to lay my problems down by bringing them to You. I unburden myself right this very moment pouring out my heart to You, for You are my Refuge. Please bind up all my cares as I cast them on You now, for

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Healing The Walking Wounded – Week 1 of a Five Part Series —No Matter Where You Are, Don’t Give Up!

The year was 1975. I had just completed doctoral studies at Southwestern Seminary a mere four years before and I was the second youngest ever to complete that work at the time. I was slated to return to the Seminary as an adjunct professor that fall with a view toward full faculty status the following

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WRATH…my secret sin

O, God, when I have been hurt or disadvantaged, I want retribution, I want payback and I want it now. Forgive me for the seeds of anger and the desire to take over Your job. Teach me how to be loving and forgiving even as You have loved and forgiven me. Help me do no

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LUST…subtle and insidious

Father, my Father, I am bombarded on so many sides and in so many ways with images which drag my attention to thoughts I wish I didn’t have. Please help me today to see and do what is right in all circumstances, this I pray in Jesus’ matchless name. Amen Verse for Today: Finally, believers,

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