The first goal of 24k Gold Marriage is to impart the knowledge and skill sets required for you to create and maintain successful relationships that last.

Changes in behavior are required…you need to learn what to do and when. We dispel the prevailing dysfunctional notions about how relationships form and how they can proceed to lifelong commitments between marriage partners. 

We will teach you to:

  • Shift from conflict to connection
  • Build the relationship you want to live in and start giving what you want to get.
  • Talk and listen in a way that produces mutual understanding, empathy, respect, dignity, kindness, warmth and connection…then you can talk about any thing.
  • Have a safe conversation – how not to hurt each other, for as most of us know, talking is the most dangerous thing people do to each other.
  • Engage in exercises designed to help strip away defenses, revealing the beautiful healing vulnerability of a loving relationship. .
  • Come together to make peace and joy, not war.
  • Heal your relationship and make it thrive.
  • Value giving random acts of kindness in your relationship
  • Restore the passion – maybe the best aha of all.


Coaching is the one-to-one process that creates a relationship between couples and coaches, with specific objectives and goals focused on developing improved relationships. It does little good to learn what to do if you are not encouraged to continue to practice what you have been taught.

Once you have the basics in hand, coaching is where we work together to make the skills come naturally.

 Learn to practice these skills:

  • How to convert the question from What’s in it for ME? to What is best for the RELATIONSHIP?   Focus converts from the ME to the WE. When the question changes the relationship changes.
  • Consciously and intentionally become curious.
  • Vigorously ask, “What am I doing to turn you away.”
  • Practice ways to be happy as a couple so your family becomes a safe place to thrive…it will make a difference in your children’s lives.

Remember that practice does not make perfect…only PERFECT practice makes perfect and permanent.


In the hierarchy of 24k Gold Marriage goals, mentoring is at the pinnacle. The tacit assumption is that you will gain the requisite knowledge and practice new skills. Partners in the relationship must practice what they have learned until it becomes a part of day-to-day communication,

Old habits die-hard and new ones take time to establish. That’s why we recommend a full 12 months of sustained practice to reach the goals of changed relationships.

Follow- up and practice are crucial. It is imperative that you have mentors who will walk alongside you to hold you accountable.

When you focus on skills-building you will experience marked improvement in your relationship, The goal is to focus on the WE and let go of the ME vs YOU.

Mentoring/coaching is not intended to be a substitute for therapy.  If there are clinical issues that need to be addressed,  couples will be referred

Marriage 3.0

A concentrated weekend of learning how to create a successful marriage and practicing new skills.

Couples learn to master the tools and attitude necessary to attract and sustain a deep, heartfelt love worth celebrating.

Church Consulting

Many churches have pre-marital education, but few have strong programs in relationship education or crisis couple management.

We offer churches:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Marriage 3.0 participation for couples with troubled relations
  • Pre-marital seminars
  • Ministry Training Mentorship
  • Preaching series on marriage and relationships

University Relationship Education

At 24k Gold Marriage we contend that failure of universities to teach research-backed skills-based relationship education costs them significant reductions in alumni giving during the time their alumni are divorced. The majority of university graduates will marry and within 10 years as many as 50% will divorce. If you knew you could impact even a fraction of that keeping families intact and encouraging them to continue to give to their alma mater, wouldn’t you want to do that?