About us

Don R. “Dick” Ivey, PhD

B.A. / M.A. / PhD

Dick is a minister, educator, technology executive and entrepreneur. PhD in Educational Psychology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth. Author of My Marriage was Lousy and My Divorce Ain’t So Hot!Boiling the Frog (Crises in the American First Family), and an unpublished mss. 24k Gold Weddings and Styrofoam Marriages

Barbara “Barb” Ivey


Barb is an educator, administrator, marketing and public relations executive. Magna Cum Laude Graduate of SMU in Organizational Behavior and Business Policy and Women’s Studies. 

“Couples are taught to be successful marriage partners.”

Most of what the Iveys have learned about creating healthy families they learned the hard way. They owe a lot to great teachers, coaches and accountability partners who did not give up on them until they learned how to “get it right.” 

Because of quality relationship education, hard work and their commitment to each other, they have more than 28 years of successful marriage in a blended family. They have been creating a successful marriage in a blended family since 1988.

They have three grown children and are Grammy and Pop to six grandsons, one grand princess and a godson.

Our Offerings

No nonsense, straight-shooting, education, coaching, and mentoring for marriages at all stages

Our Mission

Making new marriages good, good ones better, and bad ones whole.