Dick and Barb Ivey bring energy, compassion and dedication to their gift of mentoring marriages. It doesn’t hurt that a healthy dose of humor and life’s experiences are mixed into the package that will benefit relationships in crisis and those who just want to strengthen against the rigors of life’s challenges.

Senior Level Sales and Marketing Executive

In the spring of 2010, we had the pleasure of meeting with Dick and Barb Ivey through their “marriage boot camp”, as they referred to it at the time. We were married for 36 years and had been empty nesters for five years. Over the years, and especially since our two sons have been on their own, we had grown more distance from each other. The silence was deafening. When we did talk, we spent a lot of time fighting and engaged in dead ended communications highlighted by circular arguments that went no where and just added to our frustrations and dissatisfactions. We were both openly discussing divorce.

Dick and Barb would not let us believe our own stinking thinking and excuses. They invested themselves fully in both of us. We could tell they really cared. We thought that if they cared so much about saving our marriage, there just might be something there. We had never had that kind of in-depth focus from anyone. They helped us individually to see where we were both derailing our marriage. Through them we learned how to disagree effectively – not argue destructively. During our time with them we actually had closure on disagreements that we had beaten to death for years. With the help of our individual “Love Jars” (that we deposited little strips of paper on which were written acts of kindness that the other one wanted), we have developed a discipline to be “other focused” like we use to be. We still have disagreements – life is not perfect. The difference is that we now have a new commitment for loving each other. Plus those daily acts of kindness are constant reassurance that the other one really does care. Dick and Barb gave us this fresh approach that has made all the difference. We highly recommend their counsel, coaching and their love. Marriage takes continual investment. We decided ours was worth it. We are so glad we did.

Managing Partner- Change Leadership for High Performance

Dick and Barb are fantastic people. They helped my wife and I through some tough times. Their processes and teachings made a dramatic impact on my life. They are honest and pull very few punches. They tell you what needs to be said not what you want. They have become life friends. We love you guys!

Sr. UNIX/Linux Administrator at OmniSYS LLC.

Dick is one of the most genuine people you will meet. He speaks from his heart and truly wants the best for those he works with.

Director of Nursing

Dick and Barb take their calling very seriously. They have a no-nonsense approach to help couples heal, strengthen, or grow their marriage. They are genuine and caring and operate with honesty and integrity. Dick and Barb have the education, training, and professional background to qualify them to use their expertise and skills to coach couples to a healthier marriage relationship. My husband and I have known them for over ten years through our involvement in marriage mentoring. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Dick and Barb in this endeavor.

Retired/Higher Education

Dick and Barb have a heart for helping couples that is fresh, involved and professional. They bring from their own experience and training a wealth of insight and knowledge to 24K. 

I am always amazed at their commitment to the couples they mentor and train. They have compassion and wisdom to offer every couple in crisis ( or wanting to avoid one ) along with their strong faith and belief that every marriage matters to more than just the couple involved. 

No one has a greater sense of purpose and caring for marriages that need a tune-up or complete overhaul that Dick and Barb Ivey. They have my heartiest recommendation .

Major Gifts Officer and Regional Area Development Director at Sunrise Children’s Services

Dick and Barbara created a safe environment for us to examine our marriage and provided us with tools to work with.

Hiring IT people to work w/ Wall Street, London & Japan’s Stock Exchanges & stock exchanges in 128 other countries

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Dick and Barbara’s 24K Gold Marriage training program and workshop. I met Dick Ivey back in 1990. He recruited me over to TCG and my life was changed forever. Dick was the best leader and sales manager I have ever had in my career. But more than a Sales Manager, he was a friend, a mentor, a coach and a shoulder to cry on from time to time. He helped me during a very difficult time in my life and managed to get me back on life’s wonderful path. When I got engaged to Pierre, Dick and Barbara were there to provide us with guidance, counseling, friendship and lovely advice on making a marriage last. Dick married us on October 26, 1996 and I am happy to say we recently celebrated our 15 wedding anniversary. He and Barbara changed my life on so many levels. I urge you to consider 24KGold Marriage as it will be the most remarkable experience ever.  These guys are friends for life

Enterprise Sales Manager

Marriage 3.0

A concentrated weekend of learning how to create a successful marriage and practicing new skills.

Couples learn to master the tools and attitude necessary to attract and sustain a deep, heartfelt love worth celebrating.

Church Consulting

Many churches have pre-marital education, but few have strong programs in relationship education or crisis couple management.

We offer churches:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Marriage 3.0 participation for couples with troubled relations
  • Pre-marital seminars
  • Ministry Training Mentorship
  • Preaching series on marriage and relationships

University Relationship Education

At 24k Gold Marriage we contend that failure of universities to teach research-backed skills-based relationship education costs them significant reductions in alumni giving during the time their alumni are divorced. The majority of university graduates will marry and within 10 years as many as 50% will divorce. If you knew you could impact even a fraction of that keeping families intact and encouraging them to continue to give to their alma mater, wouldn’t you want to do that?