Marriage 3.0

Revive – Restore – Renew

A concentrated weekend of learning how to create a successful marriage and practicing new skills

Day 1

Check in by 6:00 p.m.

Join Barb and Dick preparing dinner.

Time to relax and get acquainted.

After dinner, we will review the weekend schedule and send you to your cottage with an assignment: Exploring Marital Expectations.

Day 2

Arise and shine to a hearty breakfast

at the Iveys.

Day based on the results of your online inventories and your expectations homework.

Topics we will explore:

  • Family of origin (Yes, it matters!)
  • Why did you choose your mate?
  • Stages of relationships
  • Behavior transformation 
  • Effective communication (How we speak and the words we use are key.)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Traditions/dates/celebrations
  • Sex and affection – re-romancing
  • Equalitarian roles
  • Finances
  • Video presentations—Biblical principles

Practice sessions on communication and conflict resolution skills.

Saturday Night: Date Night—On your own for dinner, “I remember when…” game

Marriage 3.0

A concentrated weekend of learning how to create a successful marriage and practicing new skills.

Couples learn to master the tools and attitude necessary to attract and sustain a deep, heartfelt love worth celebrating.

Church Consulting

Many churches have pre-marital education, but few have strong programs in relationship education or crisis couple management.

We offer churches:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Marriage 3.0 participation for couples with troubled relations
  • Pre-marital seminars
  • Ministry Training Mentorship
  • Preaching series on marriage and relationships

University Relationship Education

At 24k Gold Marriage we contend that failure of universities to teach research-backed skills-based relationship education costs them significant reductions in alumni giving during the time their alumni are divorced. The majority of university graduates will marry and within 10 years as many as 50% will divorce. If you knew you could impact even a fraction of that keeping families intact and encouraging them to continue to give to their alma mater, wouldn’t you want to do that?