Anger…the enemy of Joy!

If you have or have had a two year old child, you know something about anger. It is a natural reaction when the child doesn’t get what he or she wants. I knew a little redheaded girl many years ago who would get so angry she would hold her breath until she passed out and then wet her pants. It didn’t help her get what she wanted, and all that occurred was a required change of clothes.

Anger is like that. There is the mistaken certainty you can rant and rage and somehow browbeat your mate into doing what you want. You think if you yell loudly enough, you can win the battle…but even if you do, you’ll lose the war.

If you allow anger and discord to flood your relationship, you will systematically take chunks out of the relationship. While no relationship is ever…ever beyond repair if there are willing spirits in it, sometimes so many ‘chunks’ have been removed there is no longer any willingness to make the necessary changes.

When anger is present, you only have three choices: 1) keep on getting what you have been getting from each other and slide into a parallel relationship, 2) fix what is broken, or 3) quit.

You CAN learn to have an anger free relationship, and it it worth all the effort to make it so. Get some help…fix what’s broken.