Dick Ivey

Take charge of my mind, LORD

LORD Jesus, I often put on a happy face and act like things are OK. Even though Your blood has fully and completely redeemed me, mind is the last bastion of rebellion. My mind wants to wander from those things which are good, wholesome, pure, and holy. Please, Father, control my mind so I am […]

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Listen assertively…I mean it

With your busy life, misunderstandings are inevitable. You can prevent many conflicts in your relationship simply by slowing down, setting aside distractions, and offering your full attention to the person who is speaking. What gets in the way of doing this? Truer for men than women. Multitasking. How many of you are in the habit

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Pray for Peace of Jerusalem!

O God, I don’t understand all there is in the Book about Your continuing care for Israel, but I know how many times You have rescued the Holy Land from seemingly insurmountable odds. I hold dear Your promises of Israel in the End Times, but for today, please give peace, protection and comfort to those

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Keep me plugged into the source!

Heavenly Father, I know I feel safer when life is predictable, when everything goes as planned. But sometimes things don’t. Prepare my heart for those times of disappointments and please don’t let me be afraid. I trust you with my all, in Jesus’ precious holy name. Amen. Verse for Today: “I long to dwell in

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I will not fear!!

Dear LORD, this is a stressful week for us. As we prepare, help me to always seek to include You in more of our moments by living in joyful dependence on You. Bring to my consciousness the fact of Your continual presence…no matter what happens. Watch over us this week as we prepare. Remind me constantly

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Mood Disorders…help is available!

When The Gorgeous Redhead and I first got together, we were the proverbial skunk and turtle respectively. She conducted her business at the top of her lungs and I withdrew into my shell. Neither of us understood the root cause of these behavior models was to be found in the oft misunderstood and shunned illness we know as depression.

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Thank You, LORD!!!

LORD, Jesus, because I trust You as my Savior, I know…I know my name is written in heaven—in Your Book of Life. That means I can have joy no matter what is happening around me. Increase my faith, dear Savior, and expand my joy in everything, because I pray in Jesus’ glorious name. Amen Verse for Today:

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