Commitment…the glue

Jesus saiid a man is supposed to leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife cleaving to her while forsaking all others so the two can become one flesh.

There seems to be no shortage of those willing to get naked and in stacks of two becoming one flesh, but the cleaving part all too often gets left out.

The word cleave is like super glue, or two part epoxy…once it is stuck, it stays stuck. My granddaddy was a carpenter and he often said to me, “Sonny boy, when I glue this joint together the whole thing may break again, but it will never break at the glued part.”

All too often these days choices are being made to keep commitment in the backpack or back pocket or purse…’just in case IT doesn’t work out’ or ‘until the new wears off.’

Let me warn you right here…THE NEW ALWAYS WEARS OFF, and way too many of you think your favorite four letter word needs to be NEXT. Where can I go to get that next high.

The path to real happiness is where the couple walks together to commit to each other while the NEW is still on…”We are in this together for the duration, what do we need to learn and do to keep the romance alive?”

It is a learned skill, and for those of us who have learned it, it is the BESTEST place to be. Want to know how? Give me holler [email protected]. Happy to share.

Lauren Scruggs’ parents’ story is an inspiring encouragement to soldier on when the new wears off. They almost lost everything until they decided to dig in and Get It Right. Get a copy.