Finders Keepers

What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate. Mark 10:9 NASB

I bet you are not aware of the research that has shown that about two-thirds of all divorces today are occurring in low-conflict marriages. Many of these come from what we like to call parallel marriages. Couples get their mail, eat, sleep, wash clothes, mow the grass in the same house, but there is no emotional or physical intimacy left. That is, they’re ending without a death blow like infidelity or physical abuse. Instead, a couple simply accumulates enough disagreement and disharmony that they begin believing that the best or maybe the only option for doing away with the headaches is just to do away with the marriage. There is the nagging assumption that you are not either Mr. or Ms. Right and only Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Perhaps they feel that they made a bad choice in the beginning and that if they just made a better choice it would be all better…NEXT!!!