Looking Back the Last Two Years

Homemade cotton face masks, had to be sanitized each evening, boxes of nitrile gloves, homemade hand sanitizer, more hand washing than Major Winchester of M*A*S*H, getting well acquainted with my bride, EverClear in place of Lysol to make disinfectant spray, getting neighbors to go to the grocery store for us, turning half roles of paper […]

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I know You Got this LORD

Father, I don’t know what today will bring, but I know this: You will amaze me with Your unfailing, ever-new compassions. Thank you that Your compassions never fail and that they are new every motning. Keep that in front of me all day today and help me live like I believe it. Please, for Jesus’

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This Year I Resolve To:

Live One Day at a Time Life is not a dress rehearsal. Time cannot be saved. Let’s learn from the past, look to the future, but live in the NOW! Make it happen Today. When you have traded this day off for something, make sure you didn’t leave anything on the table–that the trade-off was

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“As I Have Loved YOU”

Relationships are like competing in a Grand Prix road race. We’re not talking about a lazy Sunday afternoon drive through the countryside looking at the cotton, wheat or corn. Relationships are complicated, high-speed stuff. The smallest misjudgment can cause you to spin out, crash into the barriers and destroy a very expensive vehicle. To be

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Use It Up — Wear it Out

I can see them now, Dad in a pair of old pants…the seat worn shiny and threadbare, a long sleeved shirt and a hat to ward off skin cancers to which he was prone…trudging behind his lawnmower at age 90 and Mom in a mousey looking house dress, a dish towel draped over her arm

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Summer Time

School is out almost everywhere. Whether you have kids still in school or not, most families are looking forward to or are already on some kind of vacation. If you do have kids in school, the chaos of having them at home begins in earnest. “Mom, I’m bored.” “Can I play on my PS2?” You

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