Five Ways for Parents to Remember to be

Someone has said that the greatest mechanical sexual device ever invented was the lock on the bedroom door!

Having young or even adolescent children around can put a serious dent in a couple’s intimate life. But it does not have to be that way! With a little thought, planning and attention, parents can be lovers too! Here are 5 ways to bring back that “lover” feeling: Hear Todd Creager…

  1. Have an army of babysitters ready to assist. Having multiple choices will maximize the probability of actually getting one. Don’t just depend on your mother or mother-in-law. Then go out on a date- consistently! When grandparents come to visit, plan some “I and You” time for yourselves. It pleases the grandparents (trust me, I am one) and will give you some uninterrupted time together.
  2. Schedule time to pay attention to each other and communicate about things that really matter to each of you. It is actually best to do it at the same time every night. It can be for as little as 10 minutes per day. Those 10 minutes can help you remember what it is like to be a couple rather than just parents or financial partners. (Spontaneity is overrated in our busy lives).
  3. Schedule time for sex. (See words in parentheses above). Make sure it is enough time to be more than a quickie. Slow touch and foreplay is essential to bring back that “lover” feeling. If you know when to anticipate sexual times, you can both make real mental and physical preparations.