Get a good coach…don’t wait

Let me ask you a question. If you are traveling to a destination to which you have never been before, would you just take off and hope you could get to your intended destination? Of course not, you’d get out your Google Maps or Waze and look for the best way to get there.

Yet for all too many of you who are engaged or planning to be engaged at some point, you spend all your time planning a wedding, but ignore the google maps of relationships which involve getting some coaching from competent coaches or counselors who know how to help you Get It Right in relationships and marriage.

If you’re engaged (or planning to get engaged in the future), it’s important to make sure that pre-marriage coaching is on your radar. While pre-marriage coaching isn’t necessarily required, no couple should skip this important step. Going to get help before you marry can help you get to know one another on a deeper level—and possibly prevent certain problems which always arise.

Before we go any further, yes; Barb and I highly recommend pre-marriage education, especially since so many young people are postponing marriage in favor of simply living together.

Couples are not taught elsewhere the “NEW ALWAYS WEARS OFF,” and when it does, what was otherwise a wonderful time of joy can turn to pain and rejection leading to a failed relationship. The secret not being unveiled to couples today is that Soul Mates are not FOUND, they are created and must be cultivated through time and disagreements. Now, let’s go over a few reasons why.

It’s so important to have a source of objective feedback, especially during a season as emotionally intense as engagement and/or living together. Your pre-marriage coaches offer balanced and objective advice to help you and your love stay on the same page as you plan your future and perhaps wedding.

Your coaches have already been where you are about to go. They will also help you unpack any unrealistic expectations or misgivings you may have about marriage in a safe space. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This is the time to make sure you know one another as well as possible. Your pre-marriage coach can help to facilitate that. And, when they notice red flags or potential challenges the two of you can’t see yet, they will be able to call attention to those things. Their job is to help you gain as much clarity on your current relationship and future marriage as possible.

Marriage educators and coaches will be able to shed light on your questions and give you some insights into why (or why not) waiting to marry might be wise. You can bring questions to your coaching sessions to help you work through other possible challenges, such as dealing with controlling relatives or learning to stick together as a united front in the face of pressure.

Starting your marriage/relationship off on the right foot—by seeking wise coaching—can actually help you save it before it even begins.

Reach out today for help…it is what we do.