Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family asks…

Do any of these statements describe your marriage?

  • The love is there, but the spark just isn’t.
  • Our closeness has faded. We’re basically roommates.
  • We’re leading separate lives under the same roof.
  • The kids are the only thing we have in common.
  • Our sex life is practically non-existent.

If you agreed with one or more of these, you are probably feeling disconnected from your spouse. The good news is there’s hope for your marriage.

All marriages — even the really good ones — need regular care. The routine of jobs, kids, chores, and other commitments can overshadow romance and passion with any husband and wife. As a result, couples can feel disillusioned, or even alone.

That’s why Focus on the Family has created this FREE 7-part series of videos called “Reconnected.” We want you and your spouse to discover how to rekindle passion, reawaken intimacy, and reconnect to the one to whom you said “I do.”

This series will show you practical ways to maximize everyday moments that can build connection, transform how you talk with one another, and help you find a “big dream” you can pursue together.

You can binge the whole series in one sitting or watch at your own pace. We’ve designed this experience to fit your schedule. All the episodes come with discussion questions, a Scripture verse, a guiding prayer, and links to additional resources to help you dig deeper.

Greg Smalley and his wife Erin know what it’s like to feel that slow fade into married roommates. They want this series to encourage you and give you practical ways to reconnect.

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