Hip pocket NUGGETS about relationships

Thumbnail wisdom about relationships

  1. Almost all relationships begin with someone who looks good, feels good, smells good, sounds good, and tastes good.
  2. All relationships are about making choices
  3. The “new” and “exciting” in relationships always wears off…always
  4. Soulmates are not ‘found’ they are ‘created’
  5. The best and worst characteristics of the family in which you were raised colors with whom you choose to be in relationship
  6. Your feelings are liars and will lie to you about what ‘love’ is
  7. Love is a verb…has little to do with how you feel
  8. Few know how to listen assertively without judgment or how to speak without criticism
  9. Conflict is just growth trying to happen between two people who have no idea or plan how to make the growth happen
  10. Financial maturity and sexual maturity are learned skills and can be mastered or suffered through
  11. If you are stuck on defining your relationship by “What’s In It For Me” rather than having a servant’s heart…”How can I serve you best?” …your are doomed to misery and pain.
  12. Nobody teaches you the nuts and bolts of these things…nobody. Our society assumes you will somehow figure it out. That is criminal.
  13. You can find somebody who can teach you how…just ask.