Listen assertively…I mean it

With your busy life, misunderstandings are inevitable. You can prevent many conflicts in your relationship simply by slowing down, setting aside distractions, and offering your full attention to the person who is speaking. What gets in the way of doing this? Truer for men than women.
How many of you are in the habit of focusing on completing emails, responding to texts, and doing online shopping wile trying to listen to your partner with one ear. You might reason that you’re making efficient use of your time, but too often it becomes a bad habit. You cannot listen assertively unless you can mirror, permit opinions other than yours, express empathy, and offer changes in behavior as needed for harmony and resolution.
Do this today—when your partner asks if it is a good time to talk, consciously set aside your phone and remove other distractions when he/she is talking to you. Give them both of your ears and both of your eyes. Put down your pen, pause the TV and focus.
On top of that, don’t rush them along by completing their sentences. Offer them the gift of your unhurried time. and undivided attention.
Listen completely…without judgment and only speak when you can do so without criticism. It is a learned skill and requires consistent practice.
If this has been helpful, you can discover even more tips and guidance for better communication in the book Making Things Right at Work: Increase Teamwork, Resolve Conflict, and Build Trust written with Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Dr. Paul White. It works at home, too.