Someday it will end…

The most common of all life experiences except birth is death. George Bernard Shaw once remarked that one out of one of us dies. Sometimes you can see it creeping up on you from a long way off and at other times it thrusts its head into your life without warning. Which ever way it comes, it is seldom…if ever…that you get ready for it. It’s always too soon.

The things you do or don’t do between now and then will color your memories for the rest of your life.

Consider harsh words you say and have said to your spouse which can never be unheard.

Consider the things you ‘saved’ for some future date or circumstance…the special china and stemware which only came out for important dinners, that one of a kind sexy negligee saved for THAT bucket list trip. Someday it will be too late to share those things and memories.

Consider the memories you intended to make…’one of these days.’

Consider the promises you made to plan for end-of-life issues which suddenly become a crisis.

Carpe Diem!!! Seize the day. Please do not let life slip away and death catch you off guard. The old proverb says, ‘yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and it”s why we call it the present.’

Stop TODAY. Curb all harsh words…stop ‘saving’ things – enjoy what you have and make memories…keep journals of memories so you can pull them out and enjoy them again…get your End-of-Life documents done NOW (regardless of how old you are)…make TODAY special. GO!


Make sure and certain you leave nothing undone or unsaid, don’t wait, prepare today.