What blesses your mate?

Most of us start life believing other people…beginning with ‘Mom’s’ sole purpose is to make me happy.

When that morphs into adult relationships, the sentiment prevails. Your job is to make me happy. What’s in it for me? Some call this the WIIFM syndrome.

Problem is, happiness is an inside job. Happiness is a choice, pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.

The baseline secret of happy relationships is learning how to have a Servant’s Heart toward your mate.

Instead of WIIFM, how about trying, ‘How can I serve You best?’

Where to start. First take the Gary Chapman 5 Love Languages Quiz https://5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/love-language

This will give you an idea how your spouse wants to be loved. Once you get the results, share them with each other. See if you are not surprised if you have been loving each other the way YOU WANT TO BE LOVED, and not the way THEY WANT TO BE LOVED.

It’s a good place to begin the transformation. Learn what blesses your mate and do it often and do it well. It is amazing how two people with servants’ heart for each other suddenly begin to enjoy all the things they thought WIIFM would deliver and never did. Give it a try.

We call this the Burger King approach to love…You can have it your way, and right away. You will be amazed how well that works.

Holler if you need help.