Who is your relationship Sherpa?

Any time you hear or see a story of a quest to climb Everest, the unsung heroes are the mountain guides or sherpas of high in the Himalayas. They lead you, protect you and guide you, but here’s one bit of information that most people don’t know unless they’ve worked alongside a sherpa. One recently completed her 28th climb to the summit

After 50 days of a non-stop hike in high-altitudes, you or I would likely be sweating and out of breath, but not your sherpa. Because of generations of living at high altitudes, they have developed a genetic natural allowance for it.

Not only do they shine and outperform you at higher altitudes… but they carry your oxygen, your gear and watch your back on the summit push. If you were a solo climber, you’d be nuts to climb to the top without a sherpa at your side.

They are a valuable aid because they give you the advantage in difficult terrain. So here’s my question…

Who’s helping you maintain your self-esteem, stabilize your emotions, and provide REAL advice and constant resources to make your marriage work? Who’s your Marriage mountain guide?

I’m not talking about friends who tell you to “just leave”, or counseling sessions once a week which cost $150 or more AND are a pain to schedule and generally last just 50 minutes.

I’m talking about a guide whose single role is to help YOU preserve your marriage, make it thrive, and provide you with …

Real advice for talking with your spouse who may be locked tighter than a rusted door…You can and we can help

Expert ideas for putting the honesty pieces back together…slowly but surely developing Servant’s hearts

Positive reinforcement to make you confident…

This isn’t marriage counseling. I’m talking about access to a guide…a sherpa…who’s available for YOU all day, every day, anytime you need it.

When you feel like you’re going nuts or are at a loss for ideas, you need access to an every day coach or guide who has been where you are and who really cares.

Just remember that we are available to you as long as we live day or night. If you’re doing well, we’re always glad to hear about it. If you get stuck, checkups are available anytime.

Dick and Barb Ivey – half the battle is just reaching out. Do it today.