Zero Negativity – 30 Day challenge!

It is harder than you might think.

Harville and Helen Hendrix suggest in their Safe Conversations suite of helpful materials for couples…take the 30-day Zero Negativity Challenge.

If any of you are able to do this within just a 30 day consecutive period without any do-overs, let us know. We don’t know anybody who has been able to do so thus far.

Here is how it goes.

You promise each other there will be zero negativity in your relationship for 30 days in a row. That means no harsh words, no put downs, no raised eyebrows, no shaking of your head, no raised voices, no rolling of your eyes, no snide remarks, no snarky jokes…and guess who gets to be the artiber of what is negative or not? Your husband or wife. If yours says…THAT WAS NEGATIVE…it was negative and you must start the 30 days over.

Take a look back at last week’s NUGGET for some suggestions on how to ‘close your mouth and breathe’ when something negative bubbles up inside you.

Let us know how it works for you. No one we know has yet made in with just one try. You could always be the first.