Come to My Heart…LORD Jesus!

LORD Jesus, I adore you because you came to me in the past.

You spoke in the Law of Israel. You challenge me in the words of the prophets.You showed me in Jesus what you are really like.

LORD God, I adore you because you still come to us me now.
You come through other people and their love and concern for me.

You come through men and women who need our help…to whom we can share what you have given us. You come to us as we worship you with your people.

I adore you because you will come for me at the end. I am confident You will be with me at the hour of death.

Hallelujah, You will still reign supreme when all human institutions fail. You will still be God when all my history has run its course.

I welcome You, the God who comes…the With Us God
O Come to my heart, LORD Jesus in the power of Almighty God, my LORD, Amen.