I know You Got this LORD

Father, I don’t know what today will bring, but I know this: You will amaze me with Your unfailing, ever-new compassions. Thank you that Your compassions never fail and that they are new every motning.

Keep that in front of me all day today and help me live like I believe it. Please, for Jesus’ sake and in honor of His magnificent gift. This I pray in His strong and might name. Amen


In 1963, I was leading the music in a church revival meeting in Hurst, TX when a 4-year-old boy ran in front of my car. I knocked him down. I had to give him CPR and mouth-to-mouth and one of the most blessed sounds I ever heard was that little boy gasping for breath.

He got transported to the hospital. I came on to the church that evening not knowing what was going to happen and this is the song God gave me that night. It has meant much to me ever since…

After church that evening, I went to the hospital thinking the boy’s dad would want to beat me bloody. Instead, he came running down the hallway, slid up to me on his knees and hugged me. “Thank you for saving my boy.”

A long month in the hospital and 6 months in a body cast and he survived…but I shall never hear this song without knowing what it was like then…and often since…to cast all my hopes and cares on Jesus.