Courage to face a WOKE world…

Father, God, living in a world where spiritual deception and a watered-down Gospel are luring many good men and women away from the pure milk of Your Holy Word, and instead of drinking from the fountain of life, so many around and among us are compromising their faith by drinking from the broken cisterns of the world…give me resolute courage, I pray, to stand fast in the evil day and give me boldness and strength, which can only come from You, so I may remain firmly anchored to the unalterable and infallible Word You have given us.

Keep me I pray, from being lulled into a spiritual slumber or lured into compromising the Gospel of truth, for the sake of an easy existence or a peaceful life. Keep me mindful every day of one of the enemy’s chief objective which is to render the witness of Christians impotent, by diluting the message of Your glorious Gospel of grace and twisting its eternal truths into misplaced WOKEness.

I pray my mind to be protected day by day as it is washed in the cleansing power of the Word of Truth, and may I put on Your whole armor so I may stand firm in the evil day awash in our nation. In the strong and enduring name of Jesus I pray, Amen.