Everywhere I turn…

Dear and Gracious LORD, everywhere I turn I see decisions being made to tear down the fabric of our country, and I am angry about that.

I hate it when Biblical truths are denigrated, where little children are sexualized, when the concept of Godly marriage is cast aside, when the lives of millions are being disrupted in favor of the minuscule few.

Then I read where I am supposed to pray for those who despitefully use us. I don’t want to pray for leadership which trumpets such insanity.

I don’t, but God help me I pray for a miraculous turning to you by the radical left beginning with Joe Biden and on down the line. I know You sent Jesus to die for them just as much as for me.

Give me a heart like Jesus’ so I may be bold enough to say, Father, forgive them.

This I earnestly pray in the precious name of Jesus who taught me how to pray. Amen


Let it start in me…