Focus my thoughts and actions these days…

O Only-Begotten Son and Word of God: I truly believe and confess that I believe You became flesh and dwelt among us for the salvation of the whole world, even me.

At Your Nativity, I can only imagine how You endured the cold of the manger so You might kindle within me a love for You. You were bound in strips of soft clothes as primitive diapers to deliver me from the chains of sin and death. You were nourished with milk and thereby fed the Body which one day would suffer for my sake, even if I was the only sinner ever to live.

During these days of prayer, forgive me—unworthy as I am—all the sins by which I have offended Your infinite goodness. Renew in me fervent faith, unfailing hope, and a charitable desire to serve others. Accept this act of thanksgiving, just as You accepted the gifts and worship of the Wise Men, and preserve me from all from dangers so I may adore You and say: Glory to You, O Lord Jesus Christ, forever and ever. AMEN!