Give me Discernment

Dear Father, El Shaddai, I am daily aware of more grief, O LORD, than I can rightly consider, of more suffering and scandal than I can respond to, of more hostility, hatred, horror, and injustice than I can engage with compassion…remind me that I am but a small and finite creature, never designed to carry the vast abstractions of great burdens, for my arms are too short and my strength  is too small. Justice and mercy, healing and  redemption, are Your great labors and Yours alone.  

Give me discernment, to know when to pray,  when to speak out,  when to act,  and when to simply shut off my screens and my devices, and to sit quietly in Your presence, casting the burdens of this world  upon the strong shoulders of the One who alone is able to bear them up. More than anything in all the earth, I want to be Your humble servant today, for the sake of Your Kingdom and this I pray in the strong name of Jesus. Amen.

(Borrowed gratefully from Charles Colson)


As you pray, take a look at at the Biblical names of God and pick the one that speaks to your needs. Today it’s LORD God, Almighty!