Give my children a Heart like Yours, LORD…

Gracious God, my Father forever, Thank you for your first born Son and His work on the cross. I am so thankful that You are involved in the lives of my children and grandchildren, and I lift up the hearts of all of them to You in this moment. Please impress on each of them the need to be open to the love Jesus has for each and all.

I pray, LORD, for Jesus to completely capture each one’s heart. LORD, I ask that my offspring love Jesus with all their hearts, soul, and strength. I ask for all my children and theirs not to be infatuated with the world or susceptible to the enemy’s schemes, but would instead have hearts for You and for righteousness. LORD, capture the hearts of these whom I hold so dear and let them embrace the love you have for them. Help my kiddos…one and all…embrace You and be in relationship with You.

Please let me live long enough to see this come to pass, because I pray this in Jesus’ most holy name, Amen!