Heal the Brokenhearted

Dear LORD, my Father…I am appalled at the senseless violence which occurs so frequently in our country. Churches and grocery stores are not safe places any more. People dying at the hands of misguided and radicalized persons just breaks my heart.

Situational awareness is a skillset and reminder none of us used to think necessary going to worship or to shop for groceries. In light of the events of the weekend, please keep us all alert for evil around us.

I pray today for the people who lost loved ones this past weekend .  Give comfort and healing to those families. Help them overcome their losses. Stay close in your role of Great Physician. Give the survivors cause to pause and consider their own mortality…answering the question, “What will you do with Jesus?”

If I had my way, all these things will portend  the birth pangs of the End Times. Please come back and take Your Children home, Father. Heal the broken hearted, calm anxious spirits, and help us all be more like You until You  do.

This I pray in name of Your Son, Jesus, who taught us how to pray over the  death of His friend, Lazarus. Give us Godly weeping and healing. Amen