Looking Back the Last Two Years

Homemade cotton face masks, had to be sanitized each evening, boxes of nitrile gloves, homemade hand sanitizer, more hand washing than Major Winchester of M*A*S*H, getting well acquainted with my bride, EverClear in place of Lysol to make disinfectant spray, getting neighbors to go to the grocery store for us, turning half roles of paper towels into disinfecting wipes, coming into the house through the garage…stripping down and dumping clothes in the washer, a quick showers, washing every single currency and coin that came into the house (I think that made me the local ‘money launderer’).

We did our best not to be hoarders, but counted the squares of TP, getting back to basics.

We cooked far more than we were accustomed to doing, but still made a take-out purchase at least once a week to support our local restaurants…we were passing it around. Tipped the staff there and also at the grocery and pharmacy.

My guess is now since most of this is all over there are a bunch of really good cooks and several more drinking problems surfacing across the nation.

Thankfully as a nation this current crisis has caused the reevaluation of our priorities: FAITH, family, community and freedom; and seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reigniting that oft forgotten flickering flame…

Journalists became less important than janitors. Our nation’s best athletes became healthcare workers who rushed to assist those in need. The true heroes were not celebrities, but rather farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks, and supermarket cashiers.

The most valuable businesses did not glitter or present themselves with self-congratulatory award shows; they did what they have always done to keep our food supply flowing. Perhaps now, we will stop taking them for granted.

Effective now comfortably invisible workers are recognized as critical priorities; or as the government has officially designated them “essential services.” These folks form the network of our lives; they always have, but we seldomnoticed. Everything else is less than.

Any average hard-working American is worth more today than all those who chase the golden statues of Hollywood; and ultimately if they want to go down the superiority path… well, what they provide is essentially useless

That’s our nation and the grand tradition of faith in God and the values of Judeo-Christian ethics. Don’t lose sight of it, please…and yet we are in serious danger of losing it. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/the-eight-stages-of-the-rise-and-fall-of-civilizations1/

People were tipping grocery check-out clerks and thanking them for taking the risk. I kept a few well laundered $5 bills when went out for anything as a means of saying ‘thanks’ to those who served me.

I sense this has just happened. We have a wonderful country, the greatest single force for good in all human history, and yet…we used to close our borders, with good reason, yet we are floundering on the world stage. Many things have been re-set, and will never be the same. But we must not waste this time. We must return to Faith and Practice, NOW.

So let’s ask ourselves the question, Dear Lord  in light of our current circumstances, what would You have me do now?

You can still check on older neighbors to make sure they are OK and make sure they have necessities. If older neighbors need something at the store, get it for them. Friends and neighbors who are anxious, send them a card or note with positive comments on it. Give people hope. If you don’t want to send a card, send an e-mail.

Order an extra lunch or dinner from a local restaurant just so you can give a tip to the delivery person who shows up at your door. Then stick the extra in the fridge and eat it tomorrow. We can do this. Recovery in the face of mounting inflation will be slow.

 No one is saying where we have been and where we are don’t stink; but some people know that standing around complaining about the comparative values of current life during this mess doesn’t actually accomplish anything. Complaining is not one of the Gifts of the Spirit.

So again, ask yourself:  Dear Lord  in light of our current circumstances, what would you have me do now?  Live your best life…You only have this moment once.

This Too Shall Pass…Thankfully as a nation this crisis is the stimulus for you to reevaluate your priorities: faith, family, community and freedom. Just do it?

Join me in praying that God will turn all this choas into another Great Awakening of faith and hope in HIM!! Do what you can to make it happen and leave the results in God’s hands. What will you do today?