Please forgive us…

Father God, as I ponder our current state of affairs today, I am saddened and chagrined for how we have wasted so much of the privilege you have afforded those of us who live in Western Civilization and the USA in particular.

I am sorry for my part in supporting businesses who blatantly ignore You. I am sorry for wasting opportunities to share the Gospel wherever I go. I am sorry for our nation as we have gradually let slide the values and faith propositions upon which we were founded. I am sorry for my own wasteful consumption. I am sorry I have not been more concerned about needs around me. Please forgive me.

I am wishful for You to step in and draw us up short even as You have done so often in the past. Whether or not You decide to bring us another Great Awakening, help me keep my promises to You whatever comes.

I pray this humbly in the extraordinary name of Jesus. Amen.