Praise God for the Courage of SCOTUS…

Father, God, my heart filled with such joy yesterday when we got the ruling protecting the lives of unborn children. I pray today for all the believers who have championed the value of unborn lives of little children.

God, please help those who have taken this powerful step. Whatever else occurs in this issue as it proceeds forward, protect the justices from the vitriol and danger which has surrounded this issue for 50 years.

Father, please forgive those who have so shamelessly taken defenseless lives and thank You again for taking these precious little ones to be home with You.

I don’t know if this portends any kind of Great Awakening, but I will continue to pray for it to be so. Thank You for this courageous stand and I love You for helping make it so. I praise You for Your care in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

Glory Hallelujah!!