Prayer to Love & Bless My Bride

Lord, our Savior, I thank You for this holy matrimony which had bound my Gorgeous Redhead and me together forever.

We praise Your holy name that in this season when we are surrounded by so much spiritual warfare, You have been our rock and shield.

Lord, teach us how to be patient in tribulation. Teach us how to hear You and follow Your guidance. Teach us how to treat each other as You would, dear Lord. Keep us tenderhearted, make our words soft and kind. May our lives be an example of how to get marriage right. Please make a way in the wilderness when we get lost in the weeds.

We know and trust that with You all things are possible, because You are God of impossibilities. We come to You hand in hand and ask You again and again to shower Your grace upon our marriage, dear Lord. Laying our lives and skills and hearts and minds before You to use as You will until one of us lays the other in the arms of Jesus in whose strong and holy name I pray. Amen.


Sometimes I paraphrase this poem I love for my bride

I’d walked life’s way with a weary tread, followed where pleasures and comforts led. I’d entered to win in life’s race when I met my pretty bride face to face.Met her and knew her and blushed to see that her big ol’ brown eyes were fixed on me. My thoughts now are on marriages to win. I’d lost my life to find it again…Since ere one day, in a quiet place I met my pretty bride face to face., Thank You, God.