Praying for my children and grandchildren…

Dear LORD, my God and Father, when I think back to raising my children, and then helping them raise theirs…it is hard to believe they are grown adults now. I am thankful to You for allowing me to be their Dad and Granddad. Lord, I pray good things for my adult children and theirs. I ask that You would help them find the purpose You have for their lives. Strengthen their faith in You. Guide them to the right workplace and help them to use their gifts to glorify You.

LORD, You have told me to be salt and light in this earth. I pray that my children and grandchildren will be a light each day to family, colleagues, and others they encounter. You know the details of my adult children’s lives more than I do, so I trust that You are with them. Please guide their steps and help my adult children and grandchildren to continue to find peace and hope in you.

Bless the relationship I have with my adult children and grandchildren that I may speak wisdom and life into them and be there to support them. Continue to watch over and bless my children and grandchildren and bring any and all of them close to You in faith and practice. This I pray the precious and holy name of Jesus’, Amen!