Praying for Rain!

O, my Father, it is so awfully dry here. Farmers and ranchers are having to take draconian measures which will cause catastrophic events to occur in our food supply chain.

You know that better than anybody, but I pray fervently for Your grace and mercy to be bestowed on us so that you would not shut up the windows of heaven to our land.

If there is a lesson for us to learn in this drought condition, please make us quicker learners. I know You are in charge it will rain again in Your time. But, if there is anything those of us who believe in You can do to hasten the cleansing rains,, please make it abundantly plain what we are to do.

In the meantime, I pray with gratitude for all Your blessings, beginning with the grace and faith of salvation and I implore you for rain….in the name of Jesus, the giver of living waters. Amen