Rid me of Conventional Wisdom

Dear LORD, my God, everywhere I look and listen I hear foolishness about not only this season of the year, but about where the hope of eternity truly lies.

Please keep me from the hype of commercialism, from the focus on commerce, from the reliance on tinsel and lights, and all the other things we have, as a society, shoehorned in place of the real reason for Christmas.

Make me so loving, caring, and sensitive that I not overlook even a single opportunity to tell whomever I meet this season about the unconventional, but eternal, wisdom of embracing all You have done for us from the beginning of time. Thank You for sending Jesus as you did.

May my behavior reflect my gratitude all this season and beyond, for the sake of Your Kingdom. Amen.

Verse for Today: “In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of Men.” (John 1:4)