Someday…perhaps soon – The Government shall be upon HIS shoulders…forever!

Heavenly Father, at this festive season I pray the real meaning of Christmas will not be missed, and the precious truth that was given to the shepherds and sung by the angels, will become a reality in the hearts and lives of many people this year…a great revival and renewal of faith in You.

As I prepare for and experience this lovely season of the year and all the joy it brings with it, help me not to forget that Jesus was born for a purpose. And as we share our gifts one with the other, may I pause for special remembrance the wonderful gift of grace that was sent into the world 2000 odd years ago.

As I listen to the Scripture readings and rejoice over the good news that was proclaimed that holy night, let me not forget to thank You for Your gift of grace in the Person of Christ Jesus, knowing that He was sent to earth so that by believing on Him U can go to heaven.

Thank You, Father, that in Jesus You made all the good and necessary preparation for sinners to be made righteous through the death and resurrection of Your blessed and highly favored Son, by first sending Him at the appointed time to be born into a race of sinners.

May I seek to prepare my heart for my future heavenly home, knowing that our citizenship is in heaven, and may I spend this Christmas period reflecting on the wonderful truth that Christ Jesus was born into the world to save sinners, like me, for which I praise Your holy name. Father, I long for the day when the Government of all Creation will become evident to all creatures great and small. Even so, come back soon, LORD Jesus, this I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.