Statesmanship in high places…

Dear LORD and Father, part of me wishes our nation’s leadership would have an epiphany turning their hearts and minds toward You and eternal readiness. I often feel as though I may first see a unicorn before I see true statesmanship in our land

I am not very optimistic we will ever have a reasonable form of statesmanship in our country unless and until there is a wholesale Awakening in the hearts of those whose primary goal is to get re-elected.

I pray today for deep conviction of wrongdoing and repentance from the excesses we are seeing in government at all levels in our land.

Inspite of my firm desire to have another Great Awakening in our land, I pray in my best moments for Your Will to be done in our land. Make my heart ready for whatever you are bringing our way. Keep my faith in You strong no matter what may come, because I pray this in the strong name of Jesus. Amen.


How I wish we would live so this can be a reality. I still like her.