Thanks, Mom!

Heavenly Father,

I pray this prayer today to You now in gratitude and praise for the gift of mothers. My mother, those of my friends, relatives, those I’ll never know, just Moms everywhere. Thank You for the role they play in the family unit. Thank You for their teachings and wisdom and patience and understanding. Thank You for the physical, emotional, and spiritual gifts Moms possess. I pray You will help mothers all across the world be a blessing to their children.

Whether delivering affirmation or discipline…whether expecting to be a Mom for the first time…whether missing a Mom who has graduated to heaven…whether natural born or adoptive Mom…whether a Mom with a prodigal child…whether a Mom who inherited a child in marriage…I pray You help every word and action to be done in love. And I pray all children throughout the world take time TODAY to honor their Moms, that You will show them how to uniquely do so.

I pray for those Moms who act as a blessing beyond their households, reaching into their extended families, communities, churches, schools. I pray the impact of motherhood be revered throughout society and that these women are acknowledged for their everyday impact on the world. May You guide each of them into fulfilling their purpose here on Earth for the sake of Heaven and in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Thanks, Mom!