Where are we headed?

Dear God, My Father…I hardly recognize the land in which I was raised.

I am chagrined about how far we have fallen in education, morality, and values. So much of WOKE society is so foreign to the Bible and to our Founding Fathers’ legacies..

I long for the days I remember, but most of all I long for the days when Christ followers were intent on evangelism and outreach to people without a relationship with You.

Father, there are so many churches which act like country clubs where the same flock of ‘members’ gather in brick and mortar club houses, but despite of growth in the world around them remain the same cliquish size they were years before.

LORD, Jesus, enable and encourage me to be more focused on people who do not have a relationship with You than I am with keeping the doors of the brick and mortar ‘church’ open.

Send me someone today to whom I can tell the story of Jesus…and then do it again tomorrow and tomorrow after that for Jesus’ sake. Amen