Why does death thrust its ugly head into our lives?

Dear Father, You who know and control everything, I am grieved for our friends who lost a child in a senseless accident this week.

I know I talk to you about this often, but I still cannot help but ask WHY? Why would a young mother who was doing nothing more wrong than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, have her earthly life snuffed out in an instance?

Since I know you won’t answer that, I pray for healing and deep spiritual solace, which can only come from You, to be abundantly lavished over this widowed husband, the little boy who survived and parents and siblings upon whom this grief hangs so heavily.

God, please make me and others so loving, caring, and sensitive we will not let them suffer alone from now on. In the name of Jehovah Rapha, I pray. Amen

Verse for Today: “But my God is at work in everything to do good to those who love Him and who also He calls to service.” (Romans 8:28 IVEY paraphrase). I do not fully understand this, but I know He cares when we hurt…