Work for the Night is Coming…

Dear LORD, my God, please establish the work of my hands today by helping me to be productive, patient, focused, and insightful.

Keep me from distractions and from technology hindering my work instead of helping it. May Your Spirit lead me in my work and help me to be joyful, creative, and worshipful–constantly reminding me of Your love and that You’re the reason I have breath in my lungs.

Teach me to align my work, family, church life, and rest in a way that will maximize Your glory and allow me to bear the most fruit for Your kingdom.

And as I work, fix my eyes on Jesus and His finished work on the cross giving me treasure I could not earn, rest that I could not otherwise experience, and a living hope that fuels me to work for the glory of God. This I pray in Jesus’ holy and precious name. Amen