February 2023

Give Me a Heart like YOURS!

O, my LORD, what a wonderfully faithful God You are to me and everybody who trusts in Your name. Your goodness and mercy lasts from generation to generation. All You have promised in Your Word is true and sure. I pray that I may be a, “man after God’s own heart“, who maintains my trust in

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Random Acts of Kindness

I like coming back to this topic periodically and am doing it so now because my bride aka The Gorgeous Redhead just recently finished a weekend with a couple doing this very exercise and decided we needed to redo ours as well. It works like this. Make two lists: a) things I am willing to

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Thank You for blessing me…

Good morning, my Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for Your mercy, compassion, peace, and love as I begin this new day. Thank You for blessing all who trust You, with so many spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Jesus Christ. Thank You that in Christ Jesus, You have revealed the secret things of

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Lead me, LORD…I pray

Lead me, Lord, in the path of Your choosing. Lead me I pray, along a level path, for Your name’s sake…for Your love and faithfulness are without measure. Thank You, Father, that You are a faithful God and the One who leads and guides, and You are the One Who corrects and trains, so shepherd

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If You Love Me…Tell Me Why

In the English language, ‘love’ is a catch-all term for many different kinds of feelings. This is only partly why English speakers are so comfortable slinging it around. If love knows no boundaries, then surely there’s no language barrier that could prevent us from being on the same page about what it means. In theory,

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