September 2022

Hide me in your grace…

Father, God, when I see the devastation of Hurricane Ian, I realize I will never be in control of my life circumstances, and  I pray You will teach me to learn to relax and trust in Your control. I want to seek You and know You in greater depth and breadth—rather than striving for a predictable, safe […]

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My Faith Rests…PTL!

Good morning, my Father. It is a glorious day to be alive in Your world. I ask only for Your tender directions on how I can best serve You today. Keep my thoughts from sinful things and point me toward someone with whom I can share the marvels of Your grace and love. I love

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Draw me nearer, LORD!

Dear LORD, sometimes I forget my life on earth is not all there is, and when I do, I run from adversity. Please cause me to remember my lifespan here is minuscule, compared to the Glory awaiting me in heaven. Help me today to view my life through this big picture perspective. I desperately want

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Thanksgiving…in all things!

Dear LORD, O, My Father, You’ve been teaching me to thank You for hard times and difficult journeys—trusting that, through them, You accomplish Your best work. And I’m learning that needing You is the key to knowing You intimately, which is the gift above all gifts! Help me always give thanks for all things to

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Help me Trust in tough times…

O, God, help me to not worry about the daily necessities of life–about what I will wear, eat, or drink. You have always provided food, clothing, and shelter for me–for You are Jehovah Jireh–my God who provides. Help me to seek Your kingdom, and Your righteousness. I desire to seek You with all my heart.

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