December 2023

This next year, I resolve to…

Live One Day at a Time–Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Time cannot be saved.  Let’s learn from our past, look to the future, but live in the NOW!  Make it happen Today.  When you have traded this day off for something, make sure you didn’t leave anything on the table–that the trade-off was worth […]

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Winding down…Winding up!

O, my Father, as this year winds down, my mind starts rehearsing all the things I need to do or the things I didn’t do this year—going over and over the same things in my thoughts. Some times I feel like I’m practicing for a part in a drama. Help me instead keep my mind

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Traveling Grace…coming home

God of Grace and Glory, I honor Your name today on behalf of all those who are traveling on the highways and airways and seaways. Please protect families, including mine, from harm and accident. Give sharpness of eyes and ears and situational awareness wherever they go. Please keep my children and grandchildren safe as they

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Dearest Father, my LORD, I sit here this morning relishing 83 Christmases. Where has all the time gone? It just seems like yesterday when I was small. Now our grown children have grown children of their own. The circle of life shrinks and time marches on. Thank You for the memories, but please let us

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Wake up -It’s Christmas!

A Christmas Day prayer: Dear Father, please, this day, give me the same wide-eyed wonder and excitement I had as a six year old boy in red flannel footie pajamas when I bounded down the stairs on Christmas morning. As a grandfather, I pray for the same sense of awe when I celebrate the virgin

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Christmas Eve…

Dear LORD and my Father, please don’t get lost in all the hoopla which surrounds secular Christmas. Please help me and mine to hold dear Jesus’ miraculous birth above all else. May those we share the day with us see You in us and in what we do. Thank You for Jesus…both now and always.

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Traveling Grace, Father…

Dear LORD, so many I hold dear will be traveling today and in few days to come for the Christmas holiday. Please guard those we love from danger. Bring them home safely, I pray in the strong and matchless of Jesus. Amen Verse for Today: “You’ll travel safely, you’ll neither tire nor trip…Because God will

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