Eyes on God…period!

Dear Lord, You who can calm seas, heal diseases, mend broken hearts… I come to You in despair over several of my married friends who right now are in raging storms, with waves crashing around them on all sides. You alone know how our hearts long to help them navigate the storms of life.

I am afraid some of these marriages are going to be destroyed, and I plead for Your divine intervention to quiet anxious hearts. Lord, just as You told that wind to be still, please bring peace and understanding to these precious marriages.

Cover them with understanding, love, and the spirit of reconciliation as they make decisions about repairing the harm that has been done. Father, by faith, I pray that the stormy winds will stop and there will be a great calm over each of these marriages. Please give my bride and me wisdom and tenderness as we seek to minister to them. This I humbly pray in the strong name of Jesus who calmed seas and celebrated marriages while He was here. Amen.


I pray for all who need it today the same joy “OUR SONG” brings to The Gorgeous Redhead and me….for the rest of our lives!