O, LORD, why??? Why do you permit diseases to strike Godly people? Why would you permit a normally Godly man to abandon his family? Why would you create or permit havoc to invade the lives of marriage partners? Why???

I have waited in vain for You to answer this prayer of anguish on behalf of so many of our friends.

Finally, I think I have it. You not only don’t answer my WHY questions…even if You did, it would not change the WHAT!

In light of that revelation, perhaps this is the question I should and now do ask You. ‘In light of what has occurred, what would You have me do now?’

I beg for insight and wisdom to do the righteous thing as I agonize over those in my life who hurt…today. Please watch over my friends today.

Give me all I need to act wisely in Your name, because it is in Your holy and righteous name I pray, Amen!