For my children…and theirs

Dear LORD, my God and Father. As I still stand on the shoulders of my Dad and Mom and others gone too soon, I pray for the strength of character and resolve to be a safe and secure anchor for our children and grandchildren and for generations yet unborn in our family.

Give these most precious to me, wisdom to adapt well to what my bride and I do well and the resolve to make wiser decisions than we have as they step into their grown up lives.

Build a hedge of protection around them shielding them from the slings and arrows of the powers of evil in the world. Bring them closer and/or back to You in all they do.

Give them enough prosperity to serve their basic needs, but just enough want to keep them humbly dependent on You.

Give them the tenderness to forgive, to heal hurts, and to have Servant’s Hearts toward those they love.

Make them grow into warriors for You in the battle for the souls of others. I ask all this with at least a portion of Your heart toward Your children for the sake of Your Son and in His Holy name. Amen